321 Stainless Steel

Titanium as the stable elements exist in 321 stainless steel, it is variation of 304 stainless steel, 321 stainless steel in different temperature and different concentration of organic acid and inorganic acid, especially has good wear and corrosion resistance in oxidizing medium for the manufacture of the wear resistant acid containers and equipment lining, pipeline.

321 stainless steel is based on Cr-Ni-Ti Austenitic stainless steel, and it is similar with 304 stainless steel, but better resistance to intergranular corrosion resistance due to the addition of titanium element, and high temperature strength. Due to the addition of titanium, it is effective to control the formation of chromium carbide.

321 stainless steel has excellent high temperature stress rupture properties and high temperature creep properties, its mechanical properties are better than 304 stainless steel, it is also heat resistant steel, better than in the high temperature than 316L。

321 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition(%)

3210. X C Min – 0.70 Max0.10

321 Stainless Steel Grade Mechanical Property

Tensile Strength(Mpa)Yield Point(Mpa)Elongation(%)Hardness(HRB)

321 Stainless Steel Equivalent Grades


321 Stainless Steel Physical Properties

Density Melting Point Specific heat Thermal conductivity [W/(m·K)] Coefficient of Expansion( 10-6/K ) Electrical Resistivity Elastic modulus Magnetic
g/cm3 (℃) [J/(kg·K)] 0~100 ℃ 100 ℃ 500 ℃ 0~100 ℃ 0~500 ℃ ( Ω·mm2/m kN/mm2
8.03 1398~1427 500 16.3 22.2 16.6 18.6 0.72 193 a little after cold worked

Corrosion Resistance

澳门凯发娱乐321 stainless steel exhibits good general corrosion resistance, and excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion after exposure to temperatures in the chromium carbide precipitation range of 800 – 1500°F (427 – 816°C), 321 resists oxidation to 1500°F (816°C) and has higher creep and stress rupture properties than alloys 304 and 304L.

Heat Resistance

Good oxidation resistance in intermittent service to 900°C and in continuous service to 925°C。 These grades perform well in the 425-900°C range, and particularly where subsequent aqueous corrosive conditions are present, it also possesses good low temperature toughness。

Heat Treatment

Heat temperature range limit to 950-1120°C and cool rapidly for maximum corrosion resistance, it cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

Dual Certification

Dual 321/321H stainless steel is usually used for high temperature applications.


  • Perform not well in chloride solutions, even in small concentrations, or in sulfuric acid service
  • Grade 321 stainless steel does not polish well so that not recommended for decorative applications
  • Excellent weldability by all standard fusion methods, both with and without filler metals