Sanitary Tubing

Food Grade Stainless Steel Tubing

Food Grade Stainless Steel Tubing

polished stainless steel tubing

Polished Stainless Steel Tubing

DONGSHANG STAINLESS produce polishing stainless steel tubing and pipe with seamless & welded type, stainless steel grades include 201, 304/304L, 316/316L.
stainless steel sanitary tube

Stainless Steel Sanitary Tube

A270 food class Stainless Steel Sanitary Tube have a healthy, clean, perfect performance in santitary tube, outside and inside polishing,.

澳门凯发娱乐Sanitary tubing is a kind of tubing having a special surface, commonly polishing process is carried out for high performance tubing, sanitary tubing is for use in the bakery, beverage, dairy, food, biotechnology or pharmaceutical Industries。

Tubing should conform to ASTM A270 and 3A sanitary standards requirement, in both welded and seamless types。

Stainless steel is a ideal material for sanitary tubing, it has good corrosion resistance with high strength, that is basic properties of stainless steel, tubing is easy to clean outside and inside, removing residues, and stainless steel material is no harmful to human healthy.

Common stainless steel grades have TP304, TP304L, TP316L, other grades are available for various applications.

Sanitary Tubing Dimensions

Tubing sizes are 1/2 inch to 8 inch in outside diameter, common sizes have 12。7 mm, 19。05 mm, 25。4 mm, 38。1 mm, 50。8 mm, 63。5 mm, 76。2 mm, 101。6 mm, 152 mm, 152。4 mm, 203。2 mm。

Wall thickness sizes have 1。0 mm, 1。25 mm, 1。5 mm, 1。65 mm, 2。0 mm, 2。5 mm, there are a wide range sizes for option。

Polishing Tubing

To achieve smooth surface, tubing always is needed to make polishing process, mechanical polishing is most used method to smooth tubing surface。

Roughness is measured using Ra value, common Ra value is less than 0.8 μm for outside and inside surface, after polishing, roughness value reaches 0.2 μm.

Polishing grit contains 180, 320, 400, mirror finish。

Sanitary Tubing Quality

Welded tubes are main types for sanitary purpose, we use TIG automatic welding method to manufacture tubing, then annealed, minimum temperature is 1040 degree C, rapidly cooled to achieve the maximum cold finish effect

Each tubing should be conducted eddy current testing to ensure high quality tubing, other tests conform to ASTM A270 specification.

Stainless steel sanitary tubing is to joint with other components, fittings, tees, valves.