Mechanical Tubing

Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubing

Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubing

Stainless steel rectangular tube is widely used for fluid conveying pipeline, and used in manufacturing machinery parts and engineering structures.
Stainless Steel Square Tubing

Stainless Steel Square Tubing

Stainless Steel square tube is widely used for architectural ornament, metalwork, machine building, furniture, sanity tools, grades include 201, 304, 316L.
ASTM A554 Stainless Steel Ornamental Tubing

ASTM A554 Stainless Steel Ornamental Tubing

DONGSHANG Stainless produce 304/L and 316L stainless steel ornamental tubing as per ASTM A554, suited for structural and architectural applications.
304 304L stainless steel round tube

Stainless Steel Round Tube

DONSHANG stainless supply wide range stainless steel round tube, stainless steel grade include 200 series, 300 series, 400 series and duplex steel.
A270 Food Grade Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubing

Stainless Steel Handrail Tubing

DONGSHANG stainless produce 201, 304/304L, 316/316L stainless steel handrail tubing as per ASTM A554, used for handrails, balustrades & bollards.
Stainless Steel Elliptical Tubing

Oval Tubing, Stainless Steel Elliptical Tube

DONGSHANG Stainless produces welded stainless steel elliptical tubing including elliptic and flat oval tubing two shapes, SS 203, 304/L, 316/L grades.

澳门凯发娱乐Mechanical tubing is a type tubing used for mechanical and structural applications, there are varieties of shapes and finishes for choosing, so mechanical tubing is wide used for wide applications.

Our production facilities provide full range of standard mechanical steel tubing sizes to meet customers need, we offer various shapes mechanical tube solutions for the most applications, for example, building / construction / architecture industries。

ASTM A554 Welded Mechanical Tubing

ASTM A554 is standard specification for welded stainless steel mechanical tubing, it defined the detailed requirements for tubing manufacturer, such as dimension, grade, forms, condition, tolerance。

Of course, mechanical tubing is not limited to ASTM A554 specification, other standards are available for special applications,

Stainless Steel Material

Stainless steel have high strength and perfect corrosion resistance, these properties make tubing durable, and not easy to damage, there are various finishes to be offered for different purpose, therefor, stainless steel a ideal material for mechanical and structural applications.

304 stainless steel is a common grade, 304L, 316L and other grades are used depending on applications。

Sizes and Dimensions

We offer a wide variety of sizes for tubing used in mechanical purpose, outside diameter ranges from 6 mm to 406.4 mm, minimum wall thickness is 0.51, these are common sizes for round tubing, special sizes tubing can be offered upon request in large quantity, like particular heavy wall and thin wall tubing.

Forms and Shapes

Beside round tube, we can also offer shaped tubes, such as square tubing, rectangular tubing, oval tubing, bending tubing.

Conditions and finishes

As welded is most common condition for mechanical tubing, tubing is welded without stress-relieving or annealing, generally, cold drawn and bead removed processes are not required, these conditions are main reasons why mechanical tubing is cost effective.

There are various stainless steel tubing finishes to opt, polishing finishing is usually required for ornamental and decorative purpose, common grit include #180, #320, #400 and mirror polishing.