Bright Annealing Stainless Steel Tube

Dongshang stainless produce bright annealing stainless steel tube both welded tube and seamless tube, stainless grades include 304/304L, 316/316L, 321, 904L and duplex steels, there is oxidation film outside of tube after bright annealed finish to prevent tube from corrosion.

Bright Annealing Stainless Steel Tube Specifications

WeldedA249, A269, A789, EN10217-7
SeamlessA213, A269, A789
Grade304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 2205
FinishingBright annealing
OD3 mm – 50.8 mm;
Thickness0.3 mm – 3 mm
Formsround, U bend, coiling
ApplicationHeat exchanger, boiler, condenser, cooler, heater

Bright Annealed Definition

Bright annealing (BA) refers to stainless steel material is heated in closed furnace in reducing atmosphere of inert gases, common Hydrogen gas, after fast annealing, rapid cooling, stainless steel has a protective layer on the outer surface, no reflect in open air environment, this layer can resist corrosion attack. In general, material surface is more smooth and brighter.

Bright Annealing Tube

Tube is processed in bright annealing finish, in this process, some factors are important for quality tube, if bright annealing process is not proper, that will result in crack, then may corrosion, coil tubing is usually bright annealing condition.

Before Bright Annealing

澳门凯发娱乐The surface of the tube must be clean, no other foreign matter, any matter left on the tubing surface can cause damage during the process.

Inserted Gas

Annealing atmosphere should be free from Oxygen, isolating material, creating a vacuum condition. Inserted gas, common dry hydrogen or argon, can obtain bright result.

Annealing Temperature

Annealing temperature should be noticed depending on different stainless grades, commonly Austenitic steels annealing temperature is at least 1040 degree, soak time is not important. high temperature must be required to have brighter appearance. Heating is done as fast as possible, slow heat results in oxidation.

Some Ferritic stainless steels require lower annealing temperature, such as TP439, cannot be effectively bright annealed, Water quenching will cause scale formation.

online furnce bright annealing stainless steel tube

After bright annealed, it comes to the final steps of sizing and straightening, stainless steel tube surface perform bright appearance, it is unnecessary to pickling for bright annealed tube.

Purpose and Advantages of Bright Annealed

  • Eliminate work hardening and obtain satisfactory metallographic structure
  • Obtain a bright, non-oxidizing surface with good corrosion resistance
  • The bright treatment maintains the smoothness of the rolled surface, and the bright surface can be obtained without post-processing
  • No pollution problems caused by common pickling methods
A269 bright annealing stainless steel tube
A249 welded BA stainless steel tube