ASTM A213 T9 T11 T12 T22 Seamless Steel Tube

DONGSHANG Stainless is a manufacture, suppler and exporter in ASTM A213 T9, T11, T12, T22 seamless steel tube in China, applied in boiler tubes, superheater tubes, heat exchanger tubes in high temperature situation, these low alloy seamless tubes to heat exchanger system should conform to A213 specification and A1016 specification.

Manufacturing process and testing should be accordance with A213, from raw material to final products, Dongshang Stainless control each step to ensure high quality, record and test as per quality manual ans quality system, Non destructive and destructive test should be carried out as A213 specification and other relative ASTM specifications。

ASTM A213 T9 T11 T12 T22 Seamless Steel Tube

ASTM A213 T9 T11 T12 T22 Seamless Steel Tube

Standard: ASTM A213, ASME SA213

Manufacturing: Cold Finished Seamless Process.

Grades: T9, T11, T12, T22

Finishes: Annealing Pickling, Bright Annealing

Outside Diameter: 6 – 127 Mm

Thickness: 0.5 Up To 8 Mm

Application: Heat Exchanger, Boiler, Super Heater

ASTM A213 is a custom ASTM specification for seamless steel tubes, conforming to A213 required for heat exchanger system.

Beside T9, T11, T12, R22 alloy steel grade.

ASTM A213 TP304 stainless steel tube

ASTM A213 TP316l stainless steel tube

ASTM A213 TP317L stainless steel tube

ASTM A213 TP321 stainless steel tube

ASTM A213 dupex stainless steel tube

ASTM A213 904L stainless steel tube

ASTM A213 T9, T11, T12, T22 and other alloy steel chemical composition

 GRADE UNS DESIGNATIONCarbonManganesePhosphorusSulfurSiliconNickelChromiumMolybdenumVanadiumBoronNiobiumNitrogenAluminumTungstenOther Elements
T2K115470.10–0.200.30–0.610.025 0.025B0.10–0.300.50–0.810.44–0.65
T5cK412450.120.30–0.600.0250.0250.504.00–6.000.45–0.65Ti 4xC–0.70
T12K115620.05–0.150.30–0.610.025 0.025B0.500.80–1.250.44–0.65
T23K407120.04–0.100.10–0.600.0300.0100.500.401.90–2.600.05–0.300.20–0.300.0010– 0.0060.02–0.080.0150.0301.45–1.75Ti 0.005–0.060 Ti/N ≥3.5C
T24K307360.05–0.100.30–0.700.0200.0100.15–0.452.20–2.600.90–1.100.20–0.300.0015– 0.0070.0120.02Ti 0.06–0.10
T36K210010.10–0.170.80–1.200.0300.0250.25–0.501.00–1.300.300.25–0.500.020.015–0.0450.020.050Cu 0.50–0.80
T91K909010.07–0.140.30–0.600.0200.0100.20–0.500.408.0–9.50.85–1.050.18–0.250.06–0.100.030– 0.0700.02Ti 0.01 Zr 0.01
T92K924600.07–0.130.30–0.600.0200.0100.500.408.5–9.50.30–0.600.15–0.250.001– 0.0060.04–0.090.030– 0.0700.021.5–2.00Ti 0.01 Zr 0.01
T122K912710.07–0.140.700.0200.0100.500.5010.0–11.50.25–0.600.15–0.300.0005– 0.0050.04–0.100.040– 0.1000.021.50–2.50Cu 0.30–1.70 Ti 0.01 Zr 0.01
T911K910610.09–0.130.30–0.600.0200.0100.10–0.500.408.5–9.50.90–1.100.18–0.250.0003– 0.0060.06–0.100.040– 0.0900.020.90–1.10Ti 0.01 Zr 0.01