ASME SA 249 TP316L Stainless Steel Tube

澳门凯发娱乐 ASME SA 249 TP316L stainless steel tube is a type of welded tube, ASME SA 249 specification specifies Aaustemitic steel welded tubes for heat exchanger system, It is the same with ASTM A249 standard, TP316L stainless steel is typical grade used in special environment, which require good corrosion resistance steel.

Standard ASME SA249
Tube type welded tube
Grade TP316L
Finishes annealing pickling, bright Annealing, polished
Outside diameter 6 up to 219.1 mm
Thickness 0.5 up to 8 mm

TP316L Stainless Steel

TP316L stainless steel is a Austenitic steel material, it is low carbon content based on TP316, carbon content max 0。035%, and there is Molybdenum (Mo) alloy to be added, therefore, TP316 has good property on corrosion resistance, TP316L grade tubes are usually used in marine environment, particular in sulfuric acid condition。

ASME SA 249 TP316L stainless steel chemical composition, %, Max

C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Mo Fe
316 0.08 2.00 0.045 0.030 1.0 11-14 16-18 2-3 Balance
316L 0.035 2.00 0.045 0.030 1.0 10-14 16-18 2-3 Balance

ASME SA 249 TP316L stainless steel properties

Tensile strength(Mpa), min Yield point(Mpa), min Elongation(%), min Hardness, max
316 515 205 35 B90
316L 485 170 35 B90

TP316L Stainless Steel Alternatives

There are several alternatives of TP316 in different standards, some of them referring to chemical composition are little difference, noticing SUS316L is JIS standard grade, Ni content 12% – 15%。

  • UNS S 31603
  • EN 02Cr17Ni12Mo2
  • DIN 1.4404
  • JIS SUS316L
  • China GB 022Cr17Ni12Mo2

ASME SA 249 TP316L Stainless Steel Tube


We offer TP316L welded stainless steel tube conforming to ASME SA 249 / ASTM A249, outside diameter and wall thickness tolerances should be controlled according to SA249 or ASTM A1016, aiming to offer closer tolerances welded tubes, specific details on tolerances, check ASME SA 249 TP304 Welded Stainless Steel Tubes.

Size Range

Tube sizes and dimensions range from 1/8 inch to 12 inch in outside diameter, wall thickness ranging from 0。02 inch to 0。3 inch, common OD sizes are 12。7, 15。88, 19。05, 25。4, 31。8, 38。1, 45, 50。8 mm and so on。

Full size chart of ASME A249 welded tubes for heat exchanger, see Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tube.


TP316L welded tubes have annealed pickling and bright annealing finishes, ensure tube surface bright, clean and smooth, both straight and U bend tubes are available.

Welding Bead

Welding bead should be removed, inside and outside bead should be grinded。


ASME SA 249 TP316L stainless steel tube is applied in condenser, boiler, super heater and heat exchanger and other pressure equipment, TP316L stainless steel has high strength and corrosion resistance characteristics compared to typical Austenitic stainless steel 304, the tubes are able to work under high temperature and corrosive environment, of course TP316L tube is a good option, and it is durable and cost effective.

ASME SA 249 TP316L Stainless Steel Tube in Quality Control

Quality Assurance

From raw material to final products, we minitor each process containing manufacturing process, quality control ensures our tubes high quality. All the tubes should be inspected as per ASME SA249 / ASTM A1016.

Eddy current and air under water test

The tests include destructive test and non destructive test. For TP316L welded tubes, eddy current test and air under water test are usually conducted according to standard.

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties tests are also required for checking the quality, such as flattening test, flaring test, flange test and reverse bend test, they are all destructive tests。

ASME SA 249 TP316L Stainless Steel Tube